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Rosemary Palmer

Willow Creek Ranch Rosemary PalmerRosemary Palmer is an occupational therapist with a level one hippotherapy certification. She is a graduate from Mount Mary College. She has been practicing occupational therapy since 1983. Rosemary has a background in developmental disabilities, neurobehavioral and other neurological impairments. She specializes in sensory integration. She is a school based OT with a variety of skills and strategies that facilitate school center goals.

Rosemary enjoys using the horse as a therapy tool and especially likes the prone positioning over the rump of the horse to help calm and organize those with a sensory processing disorder. She has been with Willow Creek Ranch since the beginning of the pilot program and has heard children say their first word, children with a 60 second attention span stay on the horse for 45 minutes and stay focused. She has also seen behavioral children calm and become cooperative and well behaved. The movement of the horse is a very powerful tool to use in an OT session and has unlimited positive outcomes.