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The horses of Willow Creek Ranch

Skips Dun Bar Extra aka Calibur




American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)




15.3 hands


Corey Pape

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Skips Dun Bar Extra, WCR name: Calibur, has been with the Pape family since 2004 and a part of the Willow Creek Ranch Therapeutic Riding program since 2007. For his first years with the program, he played a dual role – therapeutic riding horse during the week and barrel racing/pole bending athlete on the weekends! His past experience makes him an amazing, special member of our therapy horse team.

Now, as a full-time program horse, he knows exactly what to do for our special needs riders. He is patient and willing to stand still while riders make adjustments. Calibur’s swinging forward walk and adjustable gait make him a great horse for those working to be a more independent rider, and he is able to understand both verbal and leg cues for our more advanced riders.

Calibur’s quiet personality and charming demeanor make him enjoyable to watch. But his volunteer handlers will need to pay attention to him as he will test their focus. He is also the comedian of the herd, always wanting to play a game of tag and playing with his friend Slapshot. Calibur’s mom, Grace, is also a Willow Creek Ranch therapy horse who is part of the EAGALA program.

Calibur is a beautiful palomino, 15.3 hands, and is registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. His birthday is June 26, 2000. He is owned by Corey Pape who generously shares him with Willow Creek Ranch.

Send Calibur some treats or provide for his care to continue to be a part of our program.