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The horses of Willow Creek Ranch

Dell Rio




Quarter Horse


15.2 hands


Bay-dark brown with black markings


Willow Creek Ranch


Photo Gallery Available - CLICK HERE to view

Dell was originally trained for rodeo events such as team penning, cattle roping, barrel racing and other speed events. Unfortunately, at age nine he suffered a shoulder injury and was unable to perform to his owners’ expectations. From there, he became a trail riding horse in southern Wisconsin. Dell was the Pape family’s first horse in 2003. The family quickly learned how intelligent Dell was. He loves structure and routine. His calm, easy-going nature he makes it easy for riders to participate in games and exercises. He is extremely well disciplined and a trained athlete who still holds a competitive edge in his every day encounters. Dell's slow steady gait and sturdy build makes every rider smile! He loves to work for his treats and is also used to introduce riders and new volunteers to grooming skills and basic horse care. We are proud to have him on our therapy horse team since our pilot program in 2007.

Over the course of a year, the cost of feed, wood shavings, standard veterinary care, and other expenses adds up to over $1,500 per horse. We therefore invite you to make a tax-deductible donation towards the care of this amazing therapy horse!