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The Horses Willow Creek Ranch

Temperament, gait, age, health, conformation, energy level, responsiveness, sensitivity and level of training are just some of the considerations for the horses at Willow Creek Ranch. The characteristics of our horses must be matched with a rider's needs and the activities that are proposed.

Each horse (and future horse) must be evaluated and adequately trained for the therapeutic riding program. They must have the temperament, patience and personality to work closely with the rider. The natural gait of the horse must be suitable to the needs of the rider.

The horses at WCR are put through a vigorous training and evaluation process. The horses are exposed to a variety of equipment, objects, sights, and sounds; such as, plastic bags, foam noodles, bouncing and rolling balls under them and very near. We use volunteers to help us with riding the horses and doing many types of body movements on the horse that mimic those of our riders.

Over the course of a year, the cost of feed, wood shavings, standard veterinary care, and other expenses adds up to over $1,500 per horse. We therefore invite you to make a tax-deductible donation towards the care of these amazing therapy horses!