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The horses of Willow Creek Ranch

Lady Grace - "Gracie"




American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)


Sorrel, blaze, right hind stocking


16 hands


Jennifer Pape

Photo Gallery Available - CLICK HERE to view

Clarks Ranch Bars, aka Grace, may be one of the taller horses at Willow Creek Ranch (WCR), but don’t let her size intimidate you. Her kind eyes will put you at ease and she will teach you take slow, deep breaths when you are anxious.

Grace was born June 19, 1997, and is registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. Her wonderful sorrel color with a white stocking makes her a very pretty girl. She is shared with WCR by her owner and the founder of WCR, Jennifer Pape.

Grace is very aware of individual’s needs and abilities, and will only do what she thinks is safe--that is her nurturing and mothering personality. (She has had five foals in her lifetime and is the mother of Calibur, another Willow Creek Ranch therapy horse.) She is an excellent horse for working in our EAGALA model program. She will give individuals an opportunity to overcome their fear and develop confidence when dealing with intimidating and challenging situations in life. She certainly fulfills her Willow Creek Ranch name of Grace.

Send Grace some treats or provide for her care to continue to be a part of our program.