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The horses of Willow Creek Ranch





Halflinger Draft cross


Chestnut, with blaze and snip


13 hands


Willow Creek Ranch

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Oliver is the first Halflinger horse to be part of the WCR program team. Oliver came to WCR in 2017. It is said that Oliver was logging horse in Northern Wisconsin and was possibly a riding and driving horse in his previous career. Even though very little is known about his past, his personality tells us so much more about him. He is much more guarded and cautious, observant and perceptive of both humans and other horses. You will need to earn his trust to become a friend of his.

He excels in working in the EAGALA model program of equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning, working with children and adults who suffer from trauma and abuse (PTSD), depression, substance abuse, abandonment and neglect.

Oliver was born March 3, 2003, and is owned by Willow Creek Ranch. He has a beautiful chestnut coat with a blaze and snip marking on his face. He is small and sturdy at 13 hands high.

Oliver will live out his days at Willow Creek Ranch, his forever home.

Send Oliver some treats or provide for his care to continue to be a part of our program.