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The horses of Willow Creek Ranch



April 20, 2004




Chestnut, with a star, flaxen mane and tail


13 hands

Leased to:

Willow Creek Ranch

Photo Gallery Available - CLICK HERE to view

Toby came to join the WCR team in October of 2017 and is our first pony since 2012! He is a chestnut Halflinger with a star and a beautiful flaxen mane and tail. Toby was born on April 10, 2004 and spent his younger years as a driving and riding pony in northern Wisconsin with an Amish family. You can tell he was well cared for and loved. The first thing he wants to do when he meets you is give you lots of nibbles and wet kisses. He then went to an equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning farm before he came to his family in Bristol, WI. This family quickly saw his amazing talents as a driving horse and used him on the trails of Bong Recreational Park.

But his adorable, sweet, gentle personality and small size is an asset to young children and small adult riders, so his owners decided to lease him to the Ranch. This little horse has so much personality; he is bound to put a smile on your face. We are happy to share his many talents with all of you.

Send Toby some treats or provide for his care to continue to be a part of our program.